Episode IV: The Barons Of Shakedown

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  “FALAFEL AND A PICKLE BABY!”               “Yea bro. I’ll take one.”   “Coming right up that’s a dollar extra for the pickle, kid.” “What?!?! You’re charging extra for the pickle? You capitalist fuck”. “The Lot’s not what it once was, br3h. No more freebies. Wooks everywhere are turning a profit.” “This…This doesn’t make sense.” The custie n00b payed RJ the extra dollar for the pickle and moved on. He was heading over to Shakedown to score some molly and heady nuggz. Things were different. Wooks didn’t have their fingers in the air. They were actually flipping tix for a profit and they had purchased their own show tickets. They weren’t asking for kickdowns or looking for ground scores. They had retooled their business models. The dependent nature of the Wook Collective was fading fast. The custie n00b found his moll and scored a g of midZ...