Episode III: The Fall Of The Lot

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“Where….where am I….what is this place?” As the Prophet of Dependence came to and his vision cleared, he found himself dangling upside down. He was spinning around on what appeared to be a dimly lit stage…The Prophet was rocking back and forth suspended from the ceiling by a thick, aged dreadlock. Two wooks of the most putrid stench stood by his side…they appeared to be guards of some sort dressed in similar uniform. Seated across the room from the dangling profit sat a shadowy figure. He was behind some sort of sound board. Four lights suddenly illuminated above him.” “Greg Allman?”, the prophet muttered. “Indeed. We’ve been preparing for you,” the apparition of Allman proclaimed. You should prove an interesting challenge. Quite possibly the most interesting to dangle from that dreadlock. Do you know where you are, Prophet?” The dangling Prophet scanned his surroundings. It was a...