Begun The Wook Wars Have

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Episode II – Wooks At War In honor of their highest spiritual day of obligation, Wooks across Tour had agreed upon a 24 hour period of armistice from the recent outbreak of polarized civil skirmish within the Wook Community. The traditional High Services inĀ BoulderĀ had commenced at midnight and the Elder Hierarchs had engaged in the long honored practice of seamless puffing and raging meditation. The Wookie Prophets were deep into their spiritual connection with heady crystals in their Flatiron Mountain Cave Lair. This mythical process vested each Prophet with a sole responsibility, resulting in the sustainment of the Wook spiritual balance, clean vibes and good luck with kick-downs for an entire year of Touring. The Prophet of Dependence was to meld his mind with the crystals to emit a cosmic cipher that would enable Wooks to sustain their helplessness and refusal to claim...