Prelude: Wooks Are Falling Apart

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Spring, 2012… As Summer Tour approaches, there is growing unrest in the Wooks Universe.   Northeast Wooks are rioting over the recent taxation of hemp dog collars. Southern Wooks are engaging Midwest Wooks in territory disputes. Alpine Valley has been commandeered by rogue foot soldiers from Ashville. Our brethren in Boulder claim neutrality as the city is the Wook epicenter of the universe, and thus, a hallowed sanctuary. Tension amongst West Coast Wooks mounts due to the lack of Phish tour dates in their vicinity. They have claimed responsibility for several incidences of terrorism in Burlington. As Furthur Tour rages on, factions are developing that either support or condemn Phil & Bobby’s blatant refusal to just call it quits. Two of our headiest brahs have been dispatched to Ithaca to investigate reports of a Wook army in training. Meanwhile, reports that the...